Hello. returning member

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Hello. returning member

Post by Hutchey »

Many years ago I was a member when I built 2 kits.
Now just got my 3rd on the road and looking to get out with a few meets and so on.
I think I know some members on here too with MK's.

Our newest build is a MEV Exocet, MX5 based.

Hope to meet people at some meets when lockdown2 lifts.

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Re: Hello. returning member

Post by Ian »

Hello Richard,
Welcome back. Unsurprisingly things are a bit quiet at the moment, as you say due to lockdown 2 and restrictions on numbers who can meet when we're not in lockdown. We are currently holding club nights on Zoom - we have a short quiz and a chance to chat with other members. It's not as good as a "proper" club night but better than nothing. The next meeting is 27th November - give us a shout if you would like joining details.
Where abouts are you based?
All the best
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